The 0% Club

The 0% club

Showing you that no matter how good you think you are (1%ers) there's always someone out there better than you!

OP Repped... Outstanding save!

Membership due to Thargoid goo, still spitting sparks at touch down.

And yes. That's my ship name.
I never really understood why a ship with 0% or 1% still flies like a normal ship? Surely you should really struggle to control the thing given it's basically in bits and being held together by stardust!

Same here, that's quite weird indeed. Total wreck but flies like a new shiny product straight from a Shipyard.

About a year ago I wrote something to that tune into the Suggestions Forum, having damaged Hulls develop quirks and FCS issues that the CMDR would have to counteract and give damaged Ships a different SFX to indicate when they're clearly not in good shape anymore.

Just enough to give the CMDR a realistic sensation of "you might want to fix that Ship ASAP" while retaining minimal sufficient airworthyness as not to become a dead led weight while still in combat.
I hereby submit my application to the 0% club. Took out a Deadly Federal Dropship in my Sidewinder (12:12). Embarrassingly, I had been fighting him for more than 9 minutes, before I could finish him off.
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You're assuming that 0% hull = there is no hull? Who knows, you may be right.

But I always assumed 0% hull was when the hull reached a level of decrepitude that would no longer sustain the structure - which is quite a different thing. There still could be 95% of the hull mass left, but not enough integrity to hold the ship together and that might be what 0% is measured as.
The idea is that a ship with 0% (or 5, 10, 20, etc.) should handle different from a ship at 100%.

Surely some bullets hit your thrusters and the ship could always turn right until you repair it (just an example!).

There are module malfunctions but it would be great to have more of that stuff.
This is a new one for me. There was a thread for the 1% club, of which I'm already a member. After dealing with the griefers at Obsidian Orbital, I got away and made it back to the station with 0%. Of course, there's no repairs at Darnielle's progress:

You should have landed at Palin's.
I have a 0% pic somewhere in my library.
I think all the 'Blue' lady posters stuck to my ships inner bulk heads were all that kept the ship together.
Sorry to be the maths bore, but 0.4% with no decimal places is 0%. If you have max 1000hp and you're down to 4hp, you would be in the 0% club. Same goes for NPCs.

That said, for all those getting the ship home, nicely done. My best is 2% in a shieldless Cutter. Gentlest landing I've ever done.
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