Thargoids & Guardians (Cloning)

Long time ago when Thargoids and Guardians had a war...

The thargoids were loosing the war in the end, however one hive decided to learn about reproduction and noticed that cloning might be faster than natural reproduction. Therefore thargoids started to clone their best of warriors to fight against Guardians.

After the war the clones did not disappear, the cloning continued and they started to outnumber the natural hives of Thargoids. This pushed the thargoids to fight each other and to become clans of different types. It was not about power at all but simply the fact resources in thargoids world were also limited. This push causes civil war among themselves. Food, resources, planets, space.

Thargoids are masters of Genetical 3D printing, they produce their genome and spread it to their hives to enhange them. This became a habbit, so we see this Thargoid Machine doing so. It takes genetical information from collection of 2 females and one male thargoids to combine the information from sensors into genome. This is seen as the star map.

The thargoid machine itself is built from parts of thargoids. They have ripped 2 of their queens and a male and stiched them together as a machine. The machine has only one purpose... Reproduction.

The bases of the thargoids seem to be ships too. They have all the same features as the smaller thargoid ships, just scaled vastly bigger. It seems that the bases need to land in order to maintain themselves alive while they are used as hive's nest.

The main question is, why do Thargoids allow so easy access to such extremely important site... We could bring in nukes into their bases and just wipe out them from the core... But we don't. Something tells me there is more to be found between relationship with Thargoids and Human species...

I know as a fact that we still have Raxxlans to fight in the future... Maybe we need to combine the forces with thargoids to fight Raxxlans.
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