Thargoid Probe

Got one in an NHSS lvl4 in Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65 today. First one I'd seen since NHSS lvl 2 went away, +glad that it wasn't a 7 scout skooby snax stop. :rolleyes:

Maybe tharg incursion state thumped another RNG factor, dunno. o_O
iirc theres either probes or the other type on the ground with one of the Tharg ship crashes, sorry cant recall where but someone will know, try Inara.
Thank you for replies guys. Yeah in thargoid ship crash, we can find Thargoid Sensor.

I found Thargoid Probe finally. Actually its too easy to find. Just go to system Delphi and check the NHSS threat5, I checked 5 NHSS and I found 2 Probe. In the and I activated the thargoid device :love:
If you go to one of the systems in infestation like evangelis and take kill interceptor or cyclops missions etc there is a chance the mission uss will be one where the probe spawns, and a interceptor wakes in after a while. Since the mission uss spawns the same type of uss / instance every time this will let you jump in and out of the mission uss (just don't kill the interceptor) and collect as many probes as you could ever possibly want. Usually there is plenty of time to scoop the probe before the goid even wakes in.
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