Thargoid Nursery

Though much information is present, w/r/t (with regards to,) Thargoids, it was purposefully not studied, to prevent any bias.

The first initial visitation of what is hypothesized to be a nursery-site, was conducted; future studies are planned.
Appearance of various mineral content, outside the chambers, coincide with the minerals listed for the planet.

The finding of one additional resource was discovered, with 'meta alloy' samples be present. I have heard of this mineral before, though have had no direct experience with. Based upon initial findings, it is hypothesized that the planetary listed mineral content, is being synthesized into this alloy. A host of unknown drone types were present, moving throughout the perimeter, tending to as of yet, an unknown function and/or process.

These same drones were not seen inside of the gestation chambers themselves. The entrance remained open, with several moving outside, though for unknown reasons, did not enter.
Direct atmospheric sampling was not possible, due to limitations of the program itself; though a guesstimate can be ascertained, based upon planetary factors.

Unfortunately the study period was temporarily halted, due to the outside drones turning red, and becoming hostile, after one had collided with the SRV.

Pictures below, of the first visitation:

Entering what I would later refer to as a nursery, the presence of bio-matter, climate control, and eggs were all present. Gestation period is currently unknown.

The eggs themselves maintained a healthy aerial root structure, providing necessary minerals, for development.

The eggs themselves exploded violently upon physical contact, with enough force to flip an surface reconnaissance vehicle (SRV). The defensive mechanism was noted, though as to what predatory species it had evolved such a reaction against, is as yet unknown; Direct sampling was not possible, due to constraints of the program itself.

A structure, with a somewhat similar appearance to that of Guardian Anemones, was discovered, though its purpose appeared to be that of maintaining atmospheric norms near to and around the nursery circumference. Unfortunately direct sampling of its emissions was not possible, due to lack of available resources, within the program itself.

Further investigation inside, what is now determined to be a biological entity, with the created function of atmospheric maintenance.
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