Thargoid Interactions

This could be the result of a quirk/bug in the scripted event, but here goes anyway just in case.

While jumping from Suluo to Witch Head Sector FB-X C1-8 a Hyperdiction occured; three Cyclopses.
I was in my AX Krait, so the shutdown pulse was negated. The primary Cyclops went into alert as per usual, deployed thargons in a defensive posture and went in for the scan - just as the two companion Cyclopses moved to leave.
During the primary's scan of my Krait, I deployed hardpoints and scanned it in return.

Nothing unusual there.
Since I needed to hit my quota for the CG, why not take it down? -And unloaded gauss cannons into the Cyclops.

Here is where things changed.
It decided to take the hits and just leave; the thargon swarm was taken back in and it just moved to wake out, losing two petals in the process.

I've triggered dozens of Hyperdictions and love-tapped one or two of them into aggression by accident about 1½ years ago.
This "ima just leave" reaction was new to me, however.

The "Repel the Thargoid attack in the Witch Head Nebula" CG was at Tier 3 of five during this hyperdiction.
There is basically a moment where if you haven't aggro'd the interceptor by then. It will just turn around and leave no matter what you do.
I used this method to finally achieve my non finding of raxxla by attaching a research limpet to a commited to jump intercepter following a hyperdiction.

Everyone told me nothing would happen.
Deep down i knew they were right.
When i finally did it, nothing happened.

I did it for science and stupidity, in equal measures
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