Thargoid Data Gathering Effort: We need your help!

I have been messing around with thargoid structure/link signals recently. The 2 so far that have not been pointing at other thargoid structures were Delphi and HIP 20785 which pointed at a mega ship in Gree, Landsteiner orbital in Bok (delphi), Otherni, and hip 19792 (hip 20785).

These pairs were both at some time eagle eye 5 targets. (each TS pair together, and each pair on different (seemingly random) weeks.) Have not checked enough systems to know if the other TS (not pointing to other TS) point only to EE5 targets, or just EE targets in general.

The other TS/link messages seem to be still pointing to other TS.
(i've checked Pleiades sectors, ix-s b4-1, dg-x c51-14, and a few others)

If canon do have not yet resurveyed the TS/link destinations it might be worthwhile to do so. (they do not appear to be changing week to week anymore.)

The wikis seem to suggest that the second reference is always hip 14909, but it is the point of origin instead. (this appears to have been mentioned before in various threads, but a reminded to anyone wanting to decode the signals seemed reasonable.)

A error of less than 0.3 ly is typical for the 3 ranges, and allowing for a criterion of +/-0.5 ly seems to work well. The absolute positions can be off upwards of 5 ly when the ref ranges for ref 1 and ref 2 are large, or ref 1 and ref 2 are too close together.

Building look up tables using a subset of edsm data is probably the sanest way to find target systems. (only ref 2 needs to be regenerated each time.)

Writing the triangulation code was kinda fun as an exercise. If you understand high school math like sin, cos, unit circle, law of cosines, dot products, vector products, equation of a plane, perpendicular distance to plane/axis, intersection of planes defines an axis, etc you should be good to go. Iterative solving is not needed, and a solution can easily be found directly.
Oh I think you're in completely safe company to be assuming that's the case. Just a matter of when they'll either recover, or disappear.
Well, I think the codex entry said something about mycoid eating away at the hull of their ships. And those little scavengers are busy eating something from and repairing the walls. But their progress is slow; I suspect they’ll complete their task just about in time for those spider/crab-like thargoids leaked from next year’s update to appear on the scene.

Edit: they’ll probably be hatching out of those eggs stuck to the ceiling 👽☠👽
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