Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

LHS 4031: 164 LY from Sol (X+Z+)
Cemiess: 127 LY from Sol (X+Z+) ... but really quite close to Achenar!
Rabh: 121 LY from Sol (X+Z-)
Gabjaujis: 199 LY from Sol (X+Z+)

Gabjaujis -> Rabh -> LHS -> Cemiess I think you could very roughly interpret as a path from the edge of the bubble towards Achenar, if you play "join the dots", though that might just be coincidence.
That was quick; I looked at two based on my position and thought "oohh, close to home". :)
Ooh ooh I've been meaning to break out the old rescue Type-7 "Hot Potato" again for ages. But I also need to be fighting a war, what to do, what to do...

Anyways, Op Ida will surely be thrilled by this.

Also, it looks like someone just forgot to disable the auto-post feature for Galnet's thargoid attack updates.

Edit: Terrorgoids sounds like something a proctologist should have a look at.
Well, looks like this was actually terrorist attacks - not thargoids.

The initial reports appear to have been automated GalNet broadcast systems installed into stations - triggered by the amount of devastation the terrorists achieved.

(I prefer this explaination)
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