Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

I believe this is correct.
Stacking lots from Aegis ships.
None from Rescue ships. I was doing this and checking over several days.

Only got this to work with Scouts, not Interceptor missions.:unsure:
If you take a "kill a cyclops/basi/medusa/hydra" mission and dont go to the mission signal source, instead go to say an AXCZ it doesnt count.

If it just says "kill an interceptor" it does count in an AXCZ.
Or at least it did 3-4days ago👍

Do those missions say what system you have to destroy the scouts in? Once I found missions like that but it wasn't the system we were defending so they were no use.
While we're already referring to Interceptor variants by mythological creatures, the kill missions for specific ones should give the flowerguys codenames similar to bosses in a fantasy setting.
I don't suppose any of you lot from this thread are going to the Cambridge meet up are you?
Would be cool if some other AX CMDRs will be there so i dont end up chuntering away to myself in a corner lol
I've not been on much this week, still learning with my new cheiftan. Seems good from a couple of try outs. Well i got blowed up in the second AXCZ but thats nothing new 🤷‍♂️🤣
Back in the cockpit properly tomorrow with luck though, not far off allied now with the factions at Sisters Refuge as well so looking forward to it.

Good going everyone! Falls not bad for me as i doubt i will get on over the weekend much, gonna watch the Gypsy King do his thing. So sunday is 100% not happening for starters🤣

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