Textures not applied to model - Material creation from Maya?

Hi, I've textured my model and named the textures as precised in the user guide, when I uploaded the .zip file of the model and its textures on the Thememaker's Toolkit it got uploaded without any issue but when in the game it seems the textures are not applied to the model.

I work in Maya 2020, I used a Stingray PBS Material on my model hoping it would transfer properly as I saw it was this kind of material used in the Sample scenes of the Thememaker's Toolkit.

What is the proper way to make sure the textures will be applied to the model in the game (and with Maya in mind)?

i cannot help with Maya specifically, but i might still be able to guide you towards the right direction:

The only relevant setting to make the material apply ingame is setting the correct material name, which must match the prefix of your texture files.
So in your case you got PR_Jungle_Sign_01_BC.png, PR_Jungle_Sign_01_NM.png etc. Your material name in Maya therefore must be PR_Jungle_Sign_01. Note that the name of the .fbx file does not matter at all. In the Autodesk help section i found some videos on applying materials in Maya, e. g. this one here: https://help.autodesk.com/videos/pjZzBsZDE6qxuTf_r4-muKo7qBCm8ntq/video.webm. I would assume you can just rename the materials in Maya to match your png-prefix before exporting.

There is also a bug with flexicolors (which i think only applies to the specular workflow, i'm not sure if it applies in your case since you have neither _SP nor _MT map). This bug also causes the texture not to be rendered and the model thus appearing white. A workaround for this bug is adding an all-white opacity map (_OP.png), so i suggest adding that. You alternatively might wanna leave out the flexicolors altogether until you are sure you got the remaining workflow working.
The other issue here is your naming operation. the compiler uses the First _ as its reference point. So when your uploading your texture names its currently ignoring the PR and is reading the _Jungle <-- that is not the correct prefix and so they are ignored all together. Instead try naming your textures like this. PR Jungle Sign 01_BC.png with spaces Or as 1 word PRJungleSign01_BC.png This will now ignore the name and look for the correct _BC and so on prefix. ;) I should point out, not every one has this issue with the underscores. Some 3d software's export the material names as they appear in the software and others do not. :(
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Thank you very much Gohax and kow75 for the quick answer, everything is clearer now, I had no idea the naming could be a problem but it makes sense.
I didn't have the time to test out all that but this week end I'll give it a try!
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