In-Development TD Helper Lives Again

Over the past few weeks Commanders eyeonus and Tromador have been successfully working on Trade Dangerous and an new TD plugin that reads the prices from a server maintained by commander Tromador that pulls the price data directly from EDDB. If this server is not available for any reason, EDDBlink defaults directly to the EDDB website. This means that Trade Dangerous is working again after the demise of the excelled maddavo plugin and website earlier this year.

In conjunction with this TD Helper has been updated to version 2 which incorporates the new plugin, EDDBlink, so that users of this tool may now use it as they did previously. It has been updated with a few missing TD options and also with EDCE integration which allows the commander's profile to be downloaded and used to create a list of the ships owned by the commander.

TD Helper v2 may be downloaded from, set up instructions can be found on the wiki (

2018.07.19 - Version released here:
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