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Since I was recently on the neutron highway from Babble to Colonia - Sagittarius - Babble (I'm on the PS4) and I wanted to make as few jumps as possible, I had to enter a lot of waypoints by hand, so the thought came to me To build a type of keyboard coupler that loaded the CSV on the one hand and with which I can enter separate points manually, since I am ready for the moment, I wanted to make the whole thing available to others.

(Englisch versions translated by Google)

SD card file packed (descriptions also included only in DE)

I am of course open to wishes, complaints, suggestions .......

and if the question arises, the keyboard also works on the PC (tested) and it should work on the X-Box (not tested)

Aja almost forgot, if you want to see the program, you can do that, of course, the whole thing is based on Node-Red programming and can be reached under "http://tastatur:1880"
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