Take your Time

Iam right with Carriers arrive tomorrow in 1 day ? not that I'm saying something wrong ^^

I looked around in the beta 2 forum, there are tons of realy good ideas and improvements. I think Fleet Carriers can have a massive potential for ED, even if at first only a small part of the players own one. I also thinking that frontier can generate much money with cosmetics, if FC are done right :D

For me i just can say, take your time frontier to make them terrific, maybe another month or more. I just have the feeling that the time between the beta and the release is so short, when i think about how much should be revised. There are sure some out there who will be annoyed by another delay, but it will be worth it.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to the release :)
Agreed. I doubt they will listen though. The Cogs of the machine are spinning, and this is no longer a lean mean fighting machine. It is a lumbering behemoth...

I will stand back. I expect fireworks, (and not the good kind) when this hits the fan...

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