System Populations - Do they change?

Systems with controlling factions that enter into an 'Investment' state - Does this, or any other faction states affect the populations of systems? Or are system populations static?
Logically: A system under attack, say by the Thargoids, should lose a percentage of its population. This can be checked, to see if the numbers 'will' change. This does not mean, that any system's populations will change, due to other 'changes'.
On an aside... I've long wanted to see populations thrive and decline, where a lack of population relative to number of stations results in stations entering a "detelict" state similar to the repair state. Meanwhile, overpopulation results in negative effects on the long term, perhaps catalysing a decline.
last time population outside of manual update changed was imho in (at least one, probably a few) systems at horizons start - for small population system getting added a planetary port.

we might see similar with odyssee.

outside of that all population is fixed.
Not really sure if this would count as a necro-post... but I raised a suggestion for this.
I’m in agreement the system populations should be dynamic and not static, especially with the amount of traffic flowing in and out of systems, it’d be insanely unlikely that not a single person intends on moving to a new system,

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