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So I had some random idea for a tool the other day and started to dissect the API for the first time.
And well there are a few strange holes in the API, I would really wish, we could get at some point. I am sure some of those would help other people as well to expand their tools.

1. Give more accurate location description
Aside from stations, rings, bodies and USS, which provide a sort of accurate event stream to salvage, there are locations new and old, where this is simply not the case. NavBeacons, Ressource Extraction Sites, Megaships, Listening Posts, Notable Stellar Phenomena. Just to name a few. Given how Stations are already treated as Bodies in the SupercuriseExitEvent, the most logical idea would be to add simply expand the list of BodyTypes to include all those non USS location types. Or add them to the USS_Drop type list, so people are still aware of current body, attached to the Location
Especially the Notable Stellar Phenomena inclusion might benefit exploration tools, since you could just poke your head into one and have it be recorded.

2. Throw DataScan Event on more occasions and between instance reset.
So the NavBeaconScan Event. It is triggered whenever a Nav-Beacon is scanned for the first time after entering an instance. But if I were for example go visit a Listening Post multiple times, I only get the datascan event for the first time. Same goes for probably everything else. Then there are of course countless other things, which are scanned (Satellite in Megaship instances for exampe), but don't throw an event unless they dropped some material. I don't know maybe someone will make a minigame with it, where people are racing to scan a variety of checkpoints.

3. Print a list of Mission similiar to the MissionAccepted Event
I know sifting through job offerings might be part of the experience. But especially for source missions I find it tedious to grab a calculator and figure out the profit per ton and comparing it against the local market. So having the job board written down at some point, would be real nice. You could make a little tool to point out any juicy mission. The MissionAccepted event already seems to be containing all the relevant information.

4. Better Ground Location Events
There is an ApproachSettlementEvent. Sure it triggers halfway across the planet I feel, but at least its there. But what about all the small randomly generated stuff, like crashed ships, mini-outposts, mining equipment, guardian/thargoid sites, geological features. Sure only the last few might be of direct interest as they are persistent, but why not make a catch all event. It doesn't need to trigger at quite the distance of the affromentioned SettlementEvent and only include the immediate area: Tresspass Zone, Scan Range or whatever is available. The SettlementEvent might be changed similiar and have its distance reduced. And since there is a LeaveBodyEvent and you can figure out with the Jump Event, when a player leaves in space, why not add a LeaveFeature Event for the Ground Location.

I am sure as I try to work on my various ideas, I will stumble upon a few more, but I will leave it at that. How about the rest of you? Would you like those changes. Got some suggestions on your own, or maybe you figured a way around some of the challanges I try to solve with my proposal. (I am currently using the music event to identify some locations to be honest)
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