Suggestion: Small challenges reward small amounts of CC, not money

So I mostly play Franchise mode and I know we all look at the big weekly challenge in that.
But there are also the smaller ones, the trio that you mostly do tangentially instead of aiming for them (that's the case for me at least). Personally I think part of that is because I find the rewards underwhelming and rather token. 500-3000$ don't do much to interest me, especially if I can breed some frogs way faster for a similar result.
I just feel they'd be more attractive to work towards if you get a small (like really not asking much here) amount of Conservation Credits instead (both in Franchise and Challenge). The money amounts are too small to be more than a drop on a hot stone, no matter if you are successful or suffer financially. But CC is always welcome even in small amounts.
I think a variation would be nice.. $ and CC both in the random cycle.

CC maybe for the more difficult personal challenges?
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