Strange morph animation in game

I wasnt sure whether you could use morphs. i thought it was strictly bone animation. :S
I cant speak for blender being a 3dsmax user, but the only thing i can think of is to make sure that you have reset Xfrom and rest your scale and transform, and do it for all of your model morphs, before you apply the morph targets.
It could also mean that you have broken morphs, so make sure you havent altered your models since creating your morph targets, and reload them.
See if you're missing anything in the FBX export too.
so its not Morph animation then?
bone animation and morph animation is totally different Kow.

If its bone animation, then it could be alot of different things. best thing to do is to recreate the bones and give it another go.
sorry i cant be of any more help. i dont know blender. you could always reset scale and transform on the bones, but it may break your links and Ik chains if you have any.
was nether, the issue is in the Delta transforms. Not regular transforms, Deltas. my armature was 0 while the mesh was -90. To fix in object mode. select the mesh, hit object, apply, Location/rotation, in the delta transforms menu, right click reset delta transforms to default. now both the normal transforms and the deltas should be 0 with the mesh in the correct rotation.

You can do the same steps for rotations and scale. ;)
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