#StellarScreenshots - Win Unique Paint Jobs!

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Here's my shot:
Greetings Commanders!

Our vast galaxy is a beautiful collection of planets, stars, nebulae, and other celestial bodies. Since Elite Dangerous began, we have loved seeing you share the amazing moments and sights you have experienced while playing. This gave rise to our regular #StellarScreenshots threads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the forums.

As we continue to celebrate these moments, we think it's time that #StellarScreenshots received an upgrade. Therefore, we're going to start showcasing five screenshots every week rather than four and each Commander whose image is featured will receive an exclusive Paint Job which cannot be obtained elsewhere!

Each month, one of these three unique Paint Jobs for the Asp Explorer will be awarded to featured Commanders - the Asp Explorer Shatter Lava, Ice and Acid:


To qualify, #StellarScreenshots entries must:

  • Include the exact Commander name of the account from which the screenshot was taken
  • Be posted on the current week's #StellarScreenshots threads on either Twitter, Facebook, or the forums. If posted on Twitter separately, use the hashtag #StellarScreenshots
  • Be in a 16:9 aspect ratio with a minimum resolution of 1920x1080

Submit as many screenshots per week as you would like! Images that have been enhanced with editing software will be accepted, but may not be featured. We reserve the right to not award any featured entry with an in-game prize, but hope that won't be necessary!

While we appreciate all of the screenshots submitted since Elite Dangerous' beginning, we're only offering these prizes as of the start of this #StellarScreenshots revamp. If your screenshot has been featured in the past, you'll still be able to be featured again and win in future! Paint Jobs may be applied the same week of the #StellarScreenshots posts, or in some cases at the end of the month.

We look forward to seeing more of your in-game captures - good luck!

You can't link images from your confluence ;)
The one thing I've learned from these forums - reading is not easy :D

Edit: But that's a good thing - less competition 😈
(except like Max I don't fly the AspX, so ... )

I dont really fly the aspX too it was just one of my stepping stone back in the day. Tbh i participate because i find cool that frontier finnaly wake up on the community part (pretty sure i'ts for odysee realease).

CMDR Faramir

I do Like your shoots , please post them in the right thread ;)
Hi, since I post-process most of my work, is this allowed for submission to "Stellar Screenshots", or do submissions need to be unedited (and possibly re-sized)? Also, is there a maximum resolution limit? I never realised there was the ability to submit to Stellar Screenshots via this forum (I do not have facebook or twitter and so usually post into discords or reddit) so am looking forward to contributing to this! Thanks.


Community Manager
Hi all,

If you would like to submit Stellar Screenshots please post them in our Stellar Screenshots thread, post them as a reply to that week's Stellar Screenshot Facebook thread or Tweet them with #StellarScreenshots. We won't be counting entries posted in this thread.

There is no deadline as such for sending in a Stellar Screenshot, however winners will be selected each week so you will want to get your entries in before Wednesday each week. If you aren't selected that week you can always try again the week after :)

You can use post-processing but we would prefer unedited if possible.You can use higher resolution images than 1920x1080 however please be aware that any winning images will be rescaled to this size so that they can be used to highlight winners.

Please remember to make sure your CMDR name is clearly mentioned when submitting your screenshots or we may not be able to provide you with the paint jobs if you are selected.
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