Stellar Screenshots

This is ‘Beagle One’ - a Nautilus Class exploration vessel

I like pad 07

Time for her first shakedown flight

HIP 36601 and Outotz LS-K D8-3 - crystal shard bio signals. 1603 Ly from Sol.
One stop shop for G5 raw materials (4 FC jumps, a short hop then to Outotz)

HIP 36601
C 1 a Polonium, C 1 d Ruthenium, C 3 b Tellurium, C 6 b Selenium (Geo sites)

Outotz LS-K D8-3
B 5 a Antimony, B 5 c Yttrium

Sorry, no fancy screenshots today, but I'd still like to share my first ever Cyclops kill (and a Solo kill on top of it). Finally I can get that Thargoid Bobblehead, since my declared goal was to earn the required heart with a Solo kill. Funny side note: I only equipped a Size 1 Cargo Rack directly before the fight. I didn't expect to score a kill today :LOL:

My first try didn't work out so well. I had to bail out at 40% hull and barely scratched his paint

The second attempt worked better. I still need to improve PIP management and FA off skills. This time I stayed on the field come hell or high water

Unfortunately I didn't get the pic of his death. I was too close and boosted away in panic :D

I am Big Game Hunter now
Not the most beautiful one, but I was bounty hunting and got to see the System Authority ships all start killing each other. I thought it was weird and rather funny.
I'm seeing a lot you post screenies of your pretty, nice and clean, well maintained ships.
It sure would be interesting to those ships in the hands of hard working explorers and those who have suffered battle damage. (I like the care-worn and neglected look)
Paint is down to 7% here. Obviously DeLacey uses cheap paint 🤪.

Bit of a sleeker flight suit, and more robust magnetic lock boots. Equipped with smart tech intuitive lock and release technology and a kinetic recharge system. Walking recharges the cells in the boots when in artificial or non artificial gravity. The flight suit is called: Gray wolf and is equipped with several high tech adapters and appliances.
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