Release Status of ED3D?

So I'm noodling around with Jackie's Map the other day, and I think to myself, I'd like to whip up a 3D display of some things. So I go to check out a copy of ED3D. It appears that the canonical source hasn't had any activity in a couple of years, and there are a half-dozen forks and copies embedded in other repositories. Some of which seem to have accumulated significant changes. Thus I'm posting here to troll for some community insight: is there a currently-maintained version of ED3D that people are using? Is there a common repository where the various projects using it are pushing changes back? Or is there a skunkworks effort underway to replace it with something newer, that I'm not aware of?

Any insight greatly appreciated!
I think canonn took over: CanonnED3D-Map

That was my first thought, but it seems not. Like a few other sites, Canonn embeds a copy of the ED3D code. But the commit history in that repo is all about updates to the site. As far as I can tell they've made only minor changes to the ED3D code; they certainly haven't taken over maintenance.
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