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Just asking if jokes that have minority in context are cool, or not cool, and voila, I am a gay-murdering racist Texas white supremacist .
This escalated quickly.
The issue is not the context or the subject. It is the audience.

I had a friend (girl) where we did sexist jokes all day to each other. It was fun, and we did it because we knew it was ok and all for fun. I wouldn't have dared with a woman I wouldn't have known, it would have been very wrong.
The issue was not an hypothetical woman, or the subject. It was the audience all along.

Know your audience, and know what is ok, and what is not.
Your argument doesn't seem to have a flaw in it's logic. But this is the internet so I'm going to have to just double down on my stance and suggest that you read the bullet points again, if reading isn't too hard for you.
To add to your list of ship-interior gameplay, can I suggest the competitive hosting a la bonne franquette as emergent content and a new form of PvP?

Also a new (GalNet) series of 'Sarah Beeny's Renovate Don't Relocate'?

Or did I miss the point again?...
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