Completed Stargate Dial Animation

Hello Planet Coasters,

after many struggle i finalized my dialing Stargate animation.
It is Dialing Abydos for the fans.

Stargate dial.JPG

Kind Regards,

Awesome! I was planning on making an entire Stargate pack to build a kind of 'Space Mountain' rollercoaster called 'Through the Wormhole', but alas I no longer play Planet Coaster and don't have that much time to do 3D modelling right now.
I kind of wish you had just updated the old file I had a bit of a freak out when the old one just poofed out of something I was working on.
i'm sorry but i had some troubles with the file so i had to do it over, but from now on i will only update te ones i've made, sorry for the troubble.
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