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A long time ago there were a fair number of references to other sci fi. My favourite was from Galnet which referenced Red Dwarf and an incorrectly fitted drive plate.


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I once saw an (wanted) NPC named Solo complaining that he shouldn't have taken that job, together with a clean NPC called Starkiller. That was before there were wings in the game, haven't encountered them again since then unfortunately.
There are a lot of Star Wars derived NPC names. NPC names are chosen from a big long list of names, some of which were written by FD and some which were submitted by Kickstarter backers. It's those Kickstarter ones that are more likely to be directly borrowed from the Star Wars universe.

Of course, we've also got the "official" homage to Star Wars: George Lucas station in Leesti, which has two Rare Goods for sale: Leestian Evil Juice (which is a reference to the procedurally-generated system description from the original 1984 Elite game: "The planet Leesti is reasonably fabled for Zero-G cricket and Leestiian Evil Juice")... and Azure Milk, which is a reference to the "blue milk" Luke drinks in the original Star Wars movie.
There's been Stars Wars references in the Elite series since at least FEII.
In Elite Dangerous, there's references to all sorts of things, not just Star Wars.
(EDIT: And I'm not talking about player-made references like NPC pilots)
My favourite oblique Star Wars reference, which I was just reminded of: Snow Moon, an Orbis class station in the Bento system.

Yep. "That's Snow Moon. It's a space station".
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