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And what has it to do with "building blocks technology"? Inventing fancy names for stuff that doesn't exist is where CIG shines.
Standard changelog of inferior game : "- pressing door button now works as intended"

CIG changelog :
"- We recalibrated the discombobulator influxes that pilot the physics propelling the gating system tech (tentative)
- Also: All doors have been removed from the game until Tier-1 is implemented"
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So what ? You have proof that CR is a new Juergen Schneider ?
I point you to every successful company's owner that buy/rent space when he needs it.
I realise that English is not your mothertongue, so I'll be patient. (It's not mine, either, but that's neither here nor there.)
I did not make that claim, I merely said that your assertion of Roberts being successful is NOT VALID. Other examples were given, which you blissfully ignored. Absence of proof is not proof of absence.
"Successful"? Yes, he has successfully collected hundreds of millions in "pledges," while constantly underdelivering. Still no SQ42 in sight, which, supposedly, was ready to be played in 2016... no, wait, 2017... dang, 2018... hold that thought, 2019... See a pattern?
Somebody who is honest and does NOT wish to emulate certain "evil publishers" does NOT obfuscate to the extent CRobberts does. He's constantly promising stuff, the next BIG LEAP is right around the corner . . . but it does not happen. 3.0 was NOT the Jesus Patch it was jazzed up to be, SQ42 is years away, and "server meshing" sounds like something cooked up while mashing potatoes.
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Hey guys as I know all of you are SF fans and some of you still love to play sometimes with old 8-bit computers.....because of that maybe you might be interested in my third ZX Spectrum game that I recently published :)....This time is Classic Platformer with the SF/Horror premise


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Latest SQ42 update is out

Purge all records after reading. - ie forget we said this and dont hold us to it later one and forget we said it was triple A game ready for release 6 years ago in 2015

Last month, the Audio Team continued to support work on chapter 4a - Theres 4 Chapters now? Before Chapter 1 is released? Better get that QA tester back to play all the missions through coz now they just making him look like a bare faced liar in public, not good.

“For the longest time, the captain of said Xian vessel was realized as a crude stand-in blockout. We had put a Halloween-mask-style sculpt export of a Xian on top of a human body for our cutaway scene, so seeing this guy finally appear in our scene as a realized, almost-final creature was a refreshing sight for the eyes!”

They found some bottlenecks in a couple of the systems which, when optimized, will have a significant benefit and could help performance in general./

Work also began on formation flying, which features an indicator highlighting where the player should go and gives the option to continue flying manually or automatically stay in formation.

A bug affecting wrist wobble that plagued the team for years was fixed -
strange they never mentioned it in those years?,

Particle lighting is a new model

In several instances, the Narrative Team began working with Audio and Design to record and implement placeholder versions of this dialogue with various team members serving as temporary voice actors.

But it was an AAA game already in 2014 ready for release 2015?

Extra lockers were added to the main bathroom in the Idris, so several scenes were updated to match the new layout -

Additional “wait function” animations for different characters were created too - featurecreep

and a complicated scene that uses a flexible cable was also updated.- Joy to the world this sounds awesome, a cinematic involving a cable

On the plus side they are finally learning to prioritise and that performance and gameplay comes first and fidelity and Mo-Cap etc comes second or last of all based on what you can actually do and what memory or bandwidth is left:

the NavigationLink component was simplified

In March, Engineering added physics support for multiple solar systems

To ease debugging (which can be difficult without a visual representation of what’s going on in the physical world), a simple debug raytracing framework was added...This has been hugely useful already and allowed the team to fix various bugs quickly.

Python scripts were written to run performance tests and write corresponding reports

threading logic was refactored to further improve performance and the job system now utilizes specific APIs introduced with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (Windows 7 still works but won’t benefit)

Now, the memory reserve for RTT is linked to screen resolution, because higher-resolution outputs require higher-resolution intermediate textures. If the fixed budget is exceeded, they now dynamically down-res the RTTs until they fit, which ensures stability in extreme scenarios.

The team can also make additional revisions much faster with the placeholder assets than if they had been recorded with actual voiceover talent.

So progress in some regards...until it gets 'unapproved' or 'refactored' anyway. But if they carry on like this with actual debugging and decreasing visuals depending on performance....then a Triple A game is just a decade way surely?
Just for fun, a WordCloud from SQ 42:View attachment 218069

Edit: may not have worked, can replicate here, just copy paste the text.

Wow. Theaters of War looking great, and it even directly integrates with the main game.

Looks good, and am ready to test once it drops, however isn't the 'scale' of Odyssey's Front Line Solutions a lot more smaller (12 v 12 as opposed to ToW's 25 v 25) and (unless I'm missing something) lacking the combined-arms approach CiG seem to want to go for with their one?
Looks good, and am ready to test once it drops, however isn't the 'scale' of Odyssey's Front Line Solutions a lot more smaller (12 v 12 as opposed to ToW's 25 v 25) and (unless I'm missing something) lacking the combined-arms approach CiG seem to want to go for with their one?

You mean the ToW that isn't actually playable?

Let's wait and see what CIG can achieve before making claims about what it can and cannot do.

And the same for FD's version.

Some differences that i think we know (correct me if i'm wrong on any of this).

ED's version:
12 vs 12
NPCs and players.
Part of main game, earn credits from kills for main game
Uncertain whether you can use a SRV or ship to affect the fight. You can probably fly or drive around, but will kills count?
Result of battle affects BGS

SC's version:
25 vs 25 announced, but will have to see how it will play
Separate mode
Results have no bearing on the main game (gain credits for main game?)
Combined arms confirmed
Just to point out that FDEV is a publicly traded company on the stock market.

Looking forward to CIG following suit. Feel CIG's future is bullet proof and they stand to make millions from the many (hah) successful video games they will make based on their modded engine? Put your wallet where your mouth is.

Publicly traded companies are required to publish financials. You know, those things CR said would be public but aren't.
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