Staff AI and shared zones

My new zoo being... new... I don't have a full research yet and staff organization is still in the set up process. Knowing how picky peafowl welfare can be, I shared their habitat so that staff from my 2 work zones can take action. The 2 work zones have the same buildings and staff: both have a quarantine and a vet clinic with a vet assigned.

Unfortunately I had a pandemic so I sent all sick animals to quarantine. But the game UI doesn't allow to choose which one, I can just click on "quarantine". And of course the staff tried to put all the animals in the same quarantine building, completely ignoring the second one... :rolleyes:


So the staff is now queuing instead of sending the remaining peafowls to the second quarantine... Maybe asking the AI to spread the animals equally between buildings is a bit much, but at least if a building is full they should look for another one available and use it.

So I tried to be more intelligent than the staff and went to the animal menu to select the animal queuing and send it to the other quarantine with the "move" option... the staff teleported... in the sky, far, far away... And of course couldn't find the quarantine... 🤣

After manually moving the staff before the quarantine gate he finally was able to put the animal inside. But why should I have to do all that myself? 😓
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