Square grid with walls

So I'm making walls.
And the problem is that in-game my walls do align together perfectly but not with the walls made by Frontier. There is a slight difference.
And when I adjust this in Blender by moving my 3D object a little on the concerned axis. In game, the walls do align with the others now but only on one side. If I rotate my wall 180°, the slight difference that was there in the first version is doubled. As if the pivot point was not the center of my wall but the center of my scene in Blender, even thought I applied the position to my object...

Don't know if it has to do with the fact that when you put a wall made by Frontier, it has a square grid, but my walls have a rectangle grid.

I can't find a solution.


It would be great to have a Wall scene example to download.
Walls in game are 0.375m thick, you dont center the wall, you align it with one corner touching the center.

Yes I know I have the good measurements. Already tried to align the wall with one corner, but the pivot point is now on the side of the wall...
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