Spooky Space Spectacular

October the 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th
Launch Time: UTC (in-game time)
27th,28th,29th,30th Launch Time:19:00

27th Starting System: Hell port, Asase Ya System
28th Starting System: Generation Ship Thetis, Nefertem
29th Starting System: Generation Ship Epimetheus, HR 2351
30th Starting System: Scrump Landing,Pleiades Sector JN-S b4-3

Tour Timeframe - 2-3 hours each day
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox
Game Mode: PG


We would like to invite all CMDRs across each of the three main platforms, PS4, PC and Xbox, on a guided excursion to each of the most terrifying places in Elite Dangerous.

This tour is designed for you to get a glimpse into the more macabre aspects of space flight and of life. To prepare you for the fun of All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween. The goal is to spend 20-25 minutes per stop on the tour.

The darkness behind the black summons you...

Space is cold, harsh cruel and dark. The stars and planets float and spin endlessly in this dark abyss. A place without life, without breath. A place that sucks the very warmth from your soul, if you dare step out into it. Even so we still brave this darkness, a darkness that calls to us; is it part of our very souls?

Whether it's floating in the abysmal black or on the dusty cold side of a moon, tragedy always happens en route to progress. Unmistakable noise of the thargoids passing over your canopy. The sounds of ships groans, the eerie flashing of light form the abandoned building creaking and moaning in the dark, you can hear the sound of the souls lost within. The question is are they the screams of the past or your own?

Theme song of Spooky Space Spectacular (Unofficial) . By- Tom Cook, professional musician.

https://soundcloud.com/tomcook%2Fdont-look-behind-you-horror-soundtrack Source: https://soundcloud.com/tomcook/dont-look-behind-you-horror-soundtrack

Tour Route (unofficially)


Destination SystemTarget BodyAdditional InstructionsDistance from Previous (Ly)Transit TimeStar Class
Hell port,Asase YaStarportstart of tour location0.0xF
DemeterMizuchiPlanet 2x199.88xG
LycaonAlaunusPlanet 10Supercruise towards Horae (22,365ls)107.840:10:00M
ArtemisMu CassiopeiaPlanet C-1Close to planet44.240:05:30M


Destination SystemTarget BodyAdditional InstructionsDistance from Previous (Ly)Transit TimeStar Class
ThetisNefertemPlanet 6Ax0.00:3:18M
SanctuaryEtainPlanet 4 ax30.46xM
ProphetEtainPlanet 4 cx0.0xM
HyperionLalande 2966Planet 4Supercruise towards Yemaki (7,340ls)116.790:05:30G


Destination SystemTarget BodyAdditional InstructionsDistance from Previous (Ly)Transit TimeStar Class
epimetheusHR 2351Planet 4x0.0xF
Klatt EnterprisesAlnathPlanet A 2 a a0279, 133.528087.82xB
Stuart RetreatHIP 15329Planet A 3 c-62.6134, -44.2569100.89xG
StackHIP 12099Planet 1 a-72.6561, -67.362945.72xG
CMDR John Jameson Crashed Cobra MkIIIHIP 12099Planet 1Bunofficial tour spot
-54.3803, -50.3575


Destination SystemTarget BodyAdditional InstructionsDistance from Previous (Ly)Transit TimeStar Class
Scrump LandingPleiades Sector JN-S b4-3Planet 2-0.3434, 12.92160.0xM
Research Base LV 87HIP 17403Planet A4-51.1984, 14.211063.31xA
Site 94HIP 19284Planet A2 d-19.0622, -99.445086.57xK


To save time and be more efficient, the tour route is currently based on distance. The Tour will meet at each first location at the start time. This will solve any issue about where the meet point for each day is.

-Generation ships
Each ship has a number of datapoints that can be scanned for the audio logs which reveal the fate of the ship. We encourage all attending CMDRs to scan those datapoints and take in the unfolding narratives.

-Planetary Outposts
Every Cmdr wishing to participate in planet outpost should be owners of the Elite Dangerous Horizons DLC. Your ship should hold at least one SRV bay and SRV. Each planetary outpost will have a number of data points to read or listen to.


We suggest that small or medium ships with >30ly jump ranges are used for the tour. This will reduce the jump load between destination systems and will make it easier for multiple CMDRs to reach and scan generation ship logs at the same time. This will also allow for more and easier parking on the planet. Fuel scoops are also highly recommended.

We understand that not everyone will be able to make the full duration of the tour, so we would like to encourage you all to free to drop in and out as it suits you. There is no obligation on anyone to visit all sites of the tour, we just want to provide you with a relatively easy way to visit them, with someone ready and waiting to wing you in.

As a final note, we will do our best to make sure no one is in an instant alone. We will not however try to force large instances as this takes up valuable time, and will delay the tour. If your find yourself alone request a wing and try to instant. The tour will be more fun with others.

Event leader- The-DemonWolf [PS4]
PC PG leader- alterNERDtive [PC]
PS4 PG leader- Allcrowsareblack [PS4]
Xbox PG Leader- HSR TriDelta [XB]

The tour will utilise the Paradox Wing Discord server https://discord.gg/xhBHd7U for instruction, comms and chat. CMDRs will be able to self assign their platform role and the role ‘Spooky’ in the #bot channel using the command !join Spooky. This will reveal the event’s chat and voice channels. If you are unfamiliar with Discord, don’t worry, a member of the admin team will be monitoring all new joiners and will be available to assist

-Private groups
We propose to hold the tour in Private Groups as it is a safer media. There is a PG available for each platform and details will be available in the Paradox Wing Discord.

Special Thanks
Cmdr 67mistakenot: for discord setup.
Cmdr Allcrowsareblack: for being there to assist.
Cmdr Factabulous & Canonn: for information on each stop.
Cmdr Spansh: for tour route creator.

Dare you make the journey Cmdr..?

Cmdr The-DemonWolf
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Any Xbox players out there who will be participating from the US around 7+ pm EST?
Experienced explorer here, and I'm willing to travel with any newer commanders who might want a wingmate during the evening USA hours.
I would like to alert everyone the event is drawing closer ! Please begin applying to the discord if you have done so. Once in the discord please join the pg groups of your platforms. My hope is to have everyone in the pg before the event please.

I am thinking about holding an evening est time 7pm run for the event as well now. This is due to how early it is for the U.S when we are running it based off GMT.

I also will have the schedule finalized on Friday of this week.

Edits completed.

Official Leaders for both Pc and xb are done.
Spelling checks.
How awesome. I'm joining and hoping to tag some CMDRS along. I was recently discussing with a CMDR what to do now the carriers were delayed. We figured, let's go and visit the generation ships!!! This event is exactly what we need to get more familiar with the Generation Ships and other spooky things in ED!
Buzz will be along for this, Trip is going on Lost Souls 2 and Keelerad will stay near the Bubble in the InstaKillaConda
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