Soontill - Who has read the book?

I have a question, for those who read the original book. I posted this in the general forum, earlier but it was said that it would fit better here.

Can somebody explain the significance of Grandmort and the Circle attack route? Was the pattern they jumped in used as a sort of Witchspace destabilising mechanism to end up in Soontill? Similar to how the Gateway to Raxxla was allegedly accessed?

The real Soontill was said to be in a Brown Dwarf debris field...which has me and many others thinking that the one in-game is a cover up location.

Did the book give any details on Soontill's location in the Galaxy? E.g. outside, or in Synuefe? I have a hard time fathoming that a world full of such riches would just be readily available in an unrestricted fashion. You don't just punch a hole into the crust of a planet and say, "oh well...that should do it. All the tech is gone."
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