Horizons Some targets in assassination mission are extremely resistant (far too much).

Hello Commanders,

I have noticed that some targets in assassination missions (kill the general or authority NPC) are extremely hard to destroy.
One example : I had to kill an expert Python, and my 2 x A4 plasma accelerators just caressed him...
Same thing with 2 x 4B cannons versus a master Anaconda.

Compared to a "normal" elite Anaconda , it's just completely insane.
I understand that they can mount hull reinforcement and / or different type of bulkheads, but it's not normal that an expert authority Python can tank more than an elite Anaconda...

What do you think ?.
Military targets are always alot tougher.

For this you need 2 things.
1)A good tank, shield or hull.
2)Beams and multis.
Ignore its escorts, target his PP before opening fire.
Get behind and above/below him, then let rip with the beams, once his shields are down, fire all you've got on his PP, at 0% keep firing until you start to see the small explosions. Depending on the incoming fire, put all pips to weapons and shields.
Then retract weapons and charge the FSD.
You may take damage, but you should win. Depends on your ship.
I recommend a FAS with hull tank or FDL with shield tank for the job.

Ramming can also be a perfectly good way to soften shields too :p sometimes it doesn't even turn them hostile!
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Try going to a CZ - all ships there are military and it will give you a better idea of what tough ships are like. RES site ships are made of paper relative to these.
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