Site Surveillance - Solitude

Jens Erik

Senior Community Manager
Greetings Operatives!

Welcome to Solitude, one of several off-world sites used by Lemnis Industries in their project to save humanity. We're here to provide you with some intel on the site, to better prepare you if sent there for missions.

As you'll be able to see from the surveillance photos, the Solitude site sits on a snow-covered mountainside, and is surrounded by boulders and ice, meaning it could be a considerably tricky location to traverse; you'll be needing to keep your wits about you.

Legend has it that the name Solitude stems from the site's construction team; starting off as a team of twelve, all but one member died during an extreme snowstorm. In the months leading up to a rescue team arriving on site, the sole survivor worked entirely alone; once back, he never spoke again.

Your mission at the Solitude site will be to assist the Lemnis Gate project in maintaining a steady flow of energy for operations, in one of two ways: either by protecting a pair of Resistors, which contain and stabilize XM to allow us to draw on a near limitless supply of raw energy, or, by destroying these Resistors to prevent potentially damaging energy surges. Either way, unknown assailants are standing by to try and prevent you from reaching your objective.


As you can see from the surveillance photos, the large central bunker is likely to draw the most conflict, with multiple points of entry and little cover leaving you particularly vulnerable to attack as you attempt to make it over to the Resistors. We'd recommend utilising a combination of speed and the little cover you do have here to make it safely across this area and reach the Resistors.

If you're tasked with attacking Resistors, making use of the multiple entry points to the main bunker are a great way to help compensate for your lack of cover as you approach them, and some well-placed sniper and rocket shots mean you'll be able to attack from a safe distance! On the other hand, if you're on the defensive, you're going to want to make the most of Proximity Mines and Attack Pods, particularly on any blind spots, to save you being ambushed by the enemy - and don't forget, toxic chemicals from Toxin's Tox Cannon could be very useful when covering multiple entrances!

Whilst it could be tempting to allow all of the action to play out inside the covered spaces within Solitude, you'd be remiss not to take advantage of the ice-covered pathways and the additional cover they provide; whether you're attacking or defending the Resistors, this space could be perfect for ambushing the enemy as they attempt to utilise one of the various bunker entrances and exists, and may prove a useful space for some Proximity Mines and Attack Pods.

Good luck out there, Operatives. Don't forget: Earth's future is in your hands.

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