SilverFox Park

Well here you go, the dreaded quadruple post.

I will stop the tour of the park now. It takes a lot of work for me to maintain this thread. Instead i will do a pic of the day countdown to....

RELEASE ON 25th of July

11 Days to go

You want Input? ok.........and don't take this as something negative.
Have you forgotten to put up signs that tell people where to go? It adds to the Park-realism i think....but maybe you don't want signs?...
i just wish we had some signs with much smaller text, in the game.

Another little tip i can give is to put a ''Colourable Area-Light'' under the lamp-posts in the ground so you can get up to maybe 20 times brighter Light from the streets lamps at night and any color. The streets lamps has very weak light as seen in the picture up here.
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Criticism is always welcome! And the lighting trick you suggest seems awesome, and worth a try. The park actually has signs, a fair amount even, i guess they haven't been visible in the pictures. but i'm still expanding that. Thank you, for the tips!
Tried to post a lighting-photo, but failed like always. It uploads the pic and then failure.... I tried JPEG / PGN / BMP

What Type do you use for the pictures? And what size? in MB's
I'm loving these countdown shots. And I m looking forward to having a look around once the gates are open. 😃
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