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Hi Guys, nice to be back again here! I've been playing the Rollercoaster games since RCT1 came out (yeah i'm THAT old) . But never ever did i finish a whole park. You see, i got the attention span of a hamster, and most of the time i just zone out when i've been busy for a long time on a park, or concept.

Then, in February i started working from scratch on a new park, which started expanding and expanding and i found myself to be weirdly at home in this park. I decided not to post anything until i'm almost finished, since i didn't wanna abandon another topic again. Now i'm finally at that point where i believe i only need one more month, to smooth out little problems, and go into some final details, like logo's, a park soundtrack, etc etc. So, without further ado, i will present you Silverfox Park!

Silverfox park, is a mishmash of themes that relate to forrest/woods and days of past. A little western, countryside style, quarries, sawmills, barnyard the lot. Also rollercoasters. Went a bit overboard with 11 different coasters, but it works i think.

Let's start with an overview of the park, and then you'll decide which route we take to look into more detail!






So let's start the grand tour! This is the entrence to the park, I'll give 2 options: LEFT or RIGHT. You choose!


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Looks great! I wouldn't mind going to a theme park with 11 rollercoasters myself. Make it a challenge to ride all of them in one day or something :D

Having said that: LEFT!
Alright, i run this topic on Shyguys, and Frontier's forum, so i'll add up the scores. And to the left we go!

The entrence path ends on the main street and there you'll have a choice, to go to the left or the right. The mainstreet is themed as a frontier town one side of the mainstreet, and the other side is a slope with lucious flora. The buildings on main street MIGHT look familiar since i uploaded these buildings about a year ago to the workshop as well. It's nice to finally be able to use them. These building are filled various shops and facilities.






At the end of mainstreet we turn a soft left corner, and it will give us a glimpse of our first ride/attraction. To the left we have "float", a Zamperla Disco (which sadly ingame comes included with a horribly non fitting Genie car, but i tried working around it as much as i could.) Also there is very cool zipline going over the path. The tower where you enter the zipline, also has a climbingwall on the back.





In the final picture you can see a glimpse of a small theme area called "dragonland" I'll take you there, in the next update!
Nice park...If i may come with some Constructive critisism? A lot of the trees are in a Pattern that makes them look unrealistic. At least from Above.
Yes, it's a pain in the neck to take one tree at a time and positioning them in a different way, but no pain no gain.

I also think it's too many trees, but that is just my opinion. Less is more.(some times)
I am still finetuning my own park...I ''finished'' it 2 years ago but there is always stuff to improve or change.
Nice park...If i may come with some Constructive critisism? A lot of the trees are in a Pattern that makes them look unrealistic. At least from Above.
Yes, it's a pain in the neck to take one tree at a time and positioning them in a different way, but no pain no gain.

I also think it's too many trees, but that is just my opinion. Less is more.(some times)
I am still finetuning my own park...I ''finished'' it 2 years ago but there is always stuff to improve or change.

Yes, thank you for the feedback. Im aware of the repetitiveness and it's one of those details i'm taking care of, as the updates keep coming.


Welcome to Dragonland, a mystical place, home of Roarch an immortal, firebreathing dragon. The Vailant Knight Sebastian has been in an everlasting battle, to keep the dragon from escaping, before he well wreak havoc and turn this land in fire and brimstone. Be part of Sebastians special army, and circle this dangerous creature to keep him in his place. And be aware for the flames, for you will end up in ashes if you won't.







So...fancy a ride?


(Yes, the POV lacks, im still playing around with FPS settings, Cheat engine etc)


On the border of Dragonland, also lies the Tower of Doom. Ascend and Descent in rapids speeds, and let the laser and light effects amaze you, while being completely disoriented in the pitch black darkness that is inside this castle.





We are leaving dragonland and enter the domain of "the Eagle". A graceful animal soaring the skies in high speeds and verocity. The Eagle is almost a mile long B&M invert, with 6 inversion and reaches a topspeed of 57mph. FULL DISCLOSURE, this rollercoaster is actually the ONLY part of my park that i did not create myself. It's from the amazing Cedar Point Recreation by PITZONY. The coaster is a recreation of Raptor. At first i used it as a place holder, because of the layout of the coaster that fitted my park amazingly. But i found that this is so perfect here, that i'm just going to borrow it.

The area is also home to Rock'n Roll, an awesome breakdance machine that will turn the guests worlds upside down!








(yes, i will fix the post/support issue there :-\ )



The Eagle is quite central to the park, and quitte high as well, to show more pictures, would be giving away to much, of later updates. So more angle's and a POV later.

See you next time!
Thank you for the park tour! It looks like a really fun place to visit.

Also, because I have to:

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Thank you very much!


So, we're back. We started at the entrence, went on the mainstreet to the left, we passed the ziplines, dragonland and we walked up a bit to "the Eagle". Now we double back a bit and go all the way to the left to the LOCUST area!

Locust is a B&M terrain wingcoaster a'la Furious Baco in Port Aventura. Not big on heights, but very fast and a lot of terrain interaction. I still don't get very good POV's, because of sudden FPS drops, so i'll just stick to pictures for now. The entrence to the queue, is accesable via a square. This is also the location of one of the three Trainstation for this park.











Thank you for checking in again, hope to see you soon again!
After our visit to the locus area, we are diving straight into the next area. The centrepiece of this area is Flying Turns (not a original name, granted!) . As a European, we tend to put bobsleds and swiss themes together, so this was my starting point. However i did not want to stray to much from the "rustic feel", so i needed to do some blending/fusing themes. Im quitte happy with the outcome.

Beside Flying Turns, there is a Top Spin called "Avalanche" and a Golden Eagle ride "JunkFrau".












Some bonus night shots:



Thank you, for all the compliments guys! I am definitely going to release it, once i finished it. Basicly the park is done. What i will do now is move slowly through the park, clean up, adding some final touches to it, and make the screenshots for you to enjoy. By the time the tour is finished here, I will do one final sweep and release it. Shouldnt take more then 3-4 weeks from now.

We're leaving the Swiss/rustic area and we walk to the left of JunkFrau, into the Amazon Area. This area consists of 3 flatrides: A catterpillar ride called Anaconda. The Gerstlauer Sky Fly, called Condor, A Huss Frisbee, called Tucan. Also in this area is a suspended swinging rollercoaster, "Soaring". But more about that coaster is a later update. While the sounds of howler monkeys and songbirds, are blasting through the hidden speaker, you can walk all the way to the back of the park, while enjoying the dense forrest of tall tree's.







While i was doing this rainforrest theme it dawned on me, that it would be a nice occasion to include a ride sponsored by a charity to raise awareness for the situation in our rainforrests. Therefor Condor is themed to a cutdown forrest, and near the entrance you will find an information booth where guests can make a donation


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Next update, we are still in the Amazon area, as we will visit Soaring, a Suspended Swinging Coaster that tower above the treeline and takes you on an amazing journey through the rainforrest. Enjoy the pictures and... the POV!






There's a small issue on this ride, as it moves a bit to close to the rocks at one point, no worries, i cleared it even more)

I do recognize did the POV still has a few hiccups, fps wise, but i do think i found a mode, to at least be mildly positive on the result. I hope you enjoyed it, see ya next time!
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Small Update:

When leaving the Amazon area, we have a nice scenic pathway, with shops in the rocks, the Silverfox Express passing by and a final look back at Soaring.




Since this area is designed to be a bit of a nice breather between all this coasterfun. This update is kinda small.

So let's retro-actively look at a new POV, from a coaster from an earlier update: The Eagle


Edit: Yes, i see that floating tree, its really out of place ;-)
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Hi again. You are working hard i see... I saw the coaster video. It's a bit jerky. Yes the game needs a very strong Computer....Contact NASA for advice, and then the bank for a loan hehe...

I believe there is some Software that can make any jerky planet-coaster-video very SMOOTH. Have never tried it, just heard people mention it. Guess it fills in the Empty space between the jumping FPS. (?) Works on it a bit and then tadaaaa prints out a smooth video!...yes it IS magic.

If i am wrong. Correct me somebody please....but i still say its magic at work!
Now that we left the amazon area, we arrive in, what i like to call the heart of this park, the Barnyard area. Some more gentle flats can be found here, like a paratrooper called "Fowl Play" then there is "mrs. Fox's Teacups" and "mr. Fox dodgems". Also at the far end of this area a classic out and back woodie can be found called "Old Macdonald" More on that in a later update!









See ya next time!
Alright, triple post now... i hope i won't have to quadruple post next time. Criticism is welcome as well, i can only learn from it ;-)

So kind of a big update now. Before i proceed, i'd like to take a moment and tell you how this park came to be, and what my goals were when i noticed that this park could be a basis for a fun full fledged Planet Coaster park.

I love going on the workshop and wandering around in all of your parks. Sad thing is though, technology is not yet ready for our full output of creativity. It was many times stated that Planet Coaster was often not used as Frontier intended it. Hence why parks get so laggy when they get too big. The core of the game is simply not strong enough, to allow us to use our full creativity that way. In fairness, it might be tough to build a game like this, as we will always test the limitis of what we can do. I see a lot of awesome, mindboggling creations floating around that are so inspiring, but often times, the game just breaks down, because the creator needed about 20.000 pieces to create one building. I see complete roofs created with very small wooden objects, one roof, about 2000 pieces. No matter how awesome it looks, the game was simply not made to proces that ammount of data. And it's usually when that limit is reached that i just give up on a project.

That's why this park works for me. I created it with one goal in mind. Restraint when building. I tried to go a bit more back to basic. I actually used roofpieces for roofs, silly me :n00b: . I wanted to have a big park, that is immersive, and is meant to be seen from the visitors perspective. I tried to stay within the limits that the game can handle, and use it more in a way Frontier intended the game to be played.

Funnily enough, when you choose to go to the left instead of the right i had to take you through a part of the park that was never intended to be there. Everything you saw, till we arrived at the barnyard section was added later. The game was running smoothly, and i had a lot of space left, so i figured to make an addition to the park. That's when i finally noticed some lag and FPS drop. But i can still use it properly. All my settings are on lowest, and i use rendering software to enhance the image.

But now we finally arrived in the original park, and i'm happy to say, the best parts are still in front of us.

So we are still in the Barnyard section of the park, that contains 2 rollercoasters. These are actually to of my favorite coasters in the park. These coasters were actually created by me, far before i even started on these parks. I had build this in empty park maps, for later use. And i think you can tell.


Yes, he did have a farm (iya iya hoo), but he also has a cool classic out and back woodie in his backyard! For this one i actually used youtube video's of Cedar Point's Blue Streak, so the layout may look familiar to some of you. I actually use a lot of real life examples, and reference pictures or video's, so there are much more buildings and coasters in this park that are either modelled after or reimagend from real life examples. Enough chitchat, let see some pics, and a POV.





(yeah left the GUI open there, sorry!)



Injector is an Intamin Mega Coaster with (as the title apptly describes) tons of airtime. This coaster is not a full recreation, but it does draw a lot of similarities to Goliath in Walibi Holland, especially the first elements and the ending. This is also a coaster i created by using the 5x5 technique, which was emotionally exhausting, but i do recognize the fact that this technique, is really, really effective.






Well that's it for today! I hope you liked it, and will leave me some comments, to enjoy or to learn from, any type of input would be awesome!
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