Sidewinder takes down Medusa!!


I was on my way to the wreck of The Bugkiller to pay my respects. To my dismay, I found a none other than a Thargoid Medusa desecrating the site. I was in the my trusty Sidewinder, Side Boob, and decided to make the darn Medusa pay for its irreverence!

This was actually one of the toughest fights I've ever done. Yes, since the Medusa is planetside it can't deploy its dreaded Swarm, but it was still a very challenging fight, especially since I had to waste one of my precious internal slots to equip a Fuel Scoop.

Build Link:

It took me several tries to get the orbiting right. Given the small power distributor, I couldn't boost around like a maniac, so I had to rely on my thrusters to maintain a proper distance. Then there's the issue of heatsinks. As you can see, I had to reload heatsinks quite a bit, all the while avoiding fire from the Interceptor, which would've interrupted the synthesis.
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