Sidewinder Kills Space Medusa!!!


At last, I have achieved the ultimate kill: taking down a Medusa in a space. A couple of weeks ago I did a warm up exercise by killing a Medusa with my trusty Sidewinder, Side Boob, near a planetary surface, which meant the creature couldn't deploy its dreaded swarm. Then I got more experience by taking down a Basilisk in a Hauler in space.

I had to modify my Side Boob build a bit for a space engagement scenario. The biggest change was swapping out the WEP focused C1 PD for a Charged Enhanced PD. This allowed me to boost twice within a 3-second window, which is far better than my previous build. I also decided to interleave Gauss shots in order to reduce the load on the WEP capacitor.

The hardest part of it all is maintaining a good orbit by using basic thrusters only. That's the way I used to do it way back in the days, but then got spoiled by large PDs that allow for frequent boosting.
There were two critical things:
  1. Before an attack run, I would initiate a heatsink synth so that it would be ready right after running cold
  2. I added a 1000ms delay to my heatsink synths so that it would extend my overall cold running by 10 seconds...which can totally make the difference in a pinch. That's why you see me initiate a heatsink synth starting at 5.5km from the goid.
Updated Version of Medusa-Killer Sidewinder, Side Boob
No way! Ha! That is something else, i am busy at the mo but that is getting watched!

I agree, reveal yourself as the saviour of the galaxy CMDR THRUST! We are in awe and need to bask in the somenessness👍

Clears schedule, starts vid.

Smashing Pumpkins soundtrack!

Wow i must feel a bit like RELSPI in a Thargoid house of ill repute with a Platinum Thargoid Express Card! Or something like that...
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