Should Suit Mods be Interchangeable?

Currently they can't be removed and we need to customize different suits if we want to use different combination of mods.

I would like to have the option to customize my suit (change mods) depending on what I plan to do, nightvision if I land on the dark side of a planet, air reserves if I want to explore etc.

Even for mods which someone could argue that they can't be removed, f.e. nightvision, I would respond that I such case I still could use the chest and legs from one suit and just put a different helmet on. So if we will not be able to remove mods, what about being able to customize our suit by putting different suit components on (legs, chest, helmet), each with own mod slots?
I expect that a dev would argue that there are three suits and fourteen mods and once you had all seventeen you'd be done and then they'd have to find something else for you to do, and perish the thought!

Perhaps a fair compromise between what we want to do and what the devs want us to do would be to allow us to discard individual mods from suits and weapons if we decided we didn't
like that mod or wanted something else in its place, rather than having to abandon the whole suit or weapon and start again from scratch.
NO! thou shalt Grind and grind some more, asking for logic in a logic free zone is punishable by death! Go straight to the penitentiary ship, do not pass go, do not collect G5 mats!!
Yes, weapon mods too.

Edit: At least let me overwrite mods to new ones.
Yes; this suggestion would be a fair one, with the current game's mechanic that we have, on Odyssey (slot overwrite on weapons and suits, as on Horizons ship's gear). (y)

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