Ships and boots working together.

First, lets hope that Oddysey doesn't follow the steps of the SRV, where we can now walk on planets...and that's about it. Of course, there will be missions related to walking or could also be done in the SRV. Likewise, there will most likely be missions the require walking, in which case this will be somewhere a SRV can't go for one reason or another.

Back to suggestions;
1: A laser designator for ground forces. With the current 'destroy surface generator' mission we can see and lock on to the mission target from 3Km away, what if we couldn't?
2: Maybe a new missile or mortar/artillery weapon hardpoint. The missile may be a single or dual use 'Tomahawk' style, as for the artillery, either have a cannon with ballistics or design something new.
3: Total with a pinch of salt multi-crew freedom. I would like to multi-crew with friends and be able to do separate yet supportive roles. What I mean by that is if I land on a planet, two of my crew can "hop off" and walk to their mission, or just walk around. Ideally, it would be nice if they could use a SRV for faster transportation. All while the pilot flies around gives either support for a mission or an elevated point of view...or pick them up when they get bored.
4: Panther Clipper LX...It's not a suggestion, I'm just mentioning it. You never know who's listening.
5: SRVs, there isn't much to say, because there are many threads with ideas for SRV designs. However, I think we should consider the fighter bay as a possible SRV hangar. At the end of the day, the fighter hangar is just a 'Large Vehicle Bay'. This would of course be deployed while the ship is hovering, raising the landing gear any more whilst landed would just be a joke.

So, what do you think?
Feel free to add any suggestions or doubts about ED:Oddysey.

What would happen if I get shot? If I die, do I rebuy? etc...
i think we will make missions inside caves or buildings, this is the only way a srv wont work, also inside space stations...
Combined arms would be nice to have. I mean, we had it in trailers. Even more so in the Horizon trailer than in the Odyssey trailer. Unfortunately only the trailers support it, while the game does not.

It's not like you could distinguish between SRVs from the cockpit of a spaceship. They are not on the radar, can not be selected and it's also not exactly like we have a dozen of different SRV models and you could visually keep them apart that way. And that's before mentioning how well (cough) multi-crew and wings work together.

It's too bad that combined arms in ED only exist in trailers. There's a lot of potential there, especially if places to attack would be designed accordingly, e.g. with some underground area (only attackable by SRV), some areas plastered with defensive turrets (best destroyed by fire from above) and perhaps some shield generators, which limit which part currently can be attacked, so the goal can only be reached by coordinated effort of all units in action.

So yes, i'd very much welcome content like this. Considering that FD would have to rework some very old and very basic things (see: wings vs. multi-crew) for it to work i unfortunately don't think that it will be implemented, though.
i think we will make missions inside caves or buildings, this is the only way a srv wont work, also inside space stations...
There could be missions related to those space settlements (I forgot what they were called), however, I just don't feel comfortable leaving my ship floating in space as opposed to sending it away from a planet.
I also wouldn't mind seeing EVA missions/opportunities in space, lets say a heavy debris field that is also as damaging as the big mining fragments to ships. Another could also be USSs that contain a wrecked ship that has valuable data inside/black box, that would of course would require the interior to be designed to some degree.
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