Patch Notes September Update - Patch 3

Orbit lines in VR (moons) are still missing, which had supposedly been fixed in the original patch - this is on Oculus / SteamVR on a Rift S. Not a biggie but missed nonetheless. Otherwise a couple of hours play in VR today was excellent (still have the 'cage' in FSS too, but that appears at random so tougher to find maybe).
Greetings guys and girls, i just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world when you try and login after this update.
I wont be joining untill a few days when i know it is more "safe".
Anyone missing NPC pirates? Went mining earlier and now doing some trading and no-one tried to shake me down when mining, and no interdictions so far ... or else I'm just being lucky 🤷‍♀️

Edit: There are NPCs around, they're just quite friendly...

Woohoo - finally had an interdiction attempt - guess I was just lucky :)
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Open only? You mean just only Open mode for the game? Or ... Power Play Open Only?
Cos the last one people been supporting enough ... there been voting in multiple info channels where more then 70% of people been agree with the proposal.
Am I not right?
I didn't really track the number of discussions, but both topics have been discussed a nauseam. The former a little less so, as that one is mostly supported by the | certain PvP guys. Open Only in any form is a topic guaranteed to raise the attention of many in controversial manners, filling up page after page. As for Powerplay (and BGS which is a related thing and faces similar issues), I personally think that's a good idea, but then, I also think the modes are brilliant. Most people only use Powerplay to get access to the faction weapons anyway, and if they were available in a different way (as Sandro supposed once), not much would be lost IMHO. But all that is the Mighty Hornets Nest and therefore perfectly suited for Open Letters. Personally, I don't care, as I play Open only anyway these days (except for Deciat and such).

I don't care, as I play Open only anyway these days (except for Deciat and such).
I guess that was the point must play open in Deciat/Shinrarta and such :D PVP'ers (or "campers" ? ) don't care other systems as they cant gank u anywhere :D
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Seems unlikely - they'd have posted that if it was the case... probably would have posted it several times by now, if it were true...
Nah, as I can see they dont think it necessary to talk to us about thous "inner kitchen"
Why would they? They do some marketing statements sometimes, like "Team that works on elite rises to 100+ people to insure a bright future for the great game!"...
Actually, the longest September is "The September That Never Ended" which was September 1993. By that measure today is the 9536th September 1993.
Except September is now in June. June 2, precisely.


Could be I still have an AOL CD somewhere.

How else would I find time to keep up with these forums? Right now as I type this, my ship is flying itself to my destination.

Unless you think supercruise is compelling, engaging gameplay.
SC should be compelling- I've written whole essays about making it more territorial based with exclusion zones of security, military areas and blindspots.
The more I think about all that, more I think that FD's do not have enough man power/time to do all things right. Cos the most of the team working on something els... On something big. New Era may be?
Could be the case! The latest Frontier Financials ( ) are an interesting read (and not just the boring numbers bit) but the various share-owners facing business statements wrt 2020

Arguments about never having enough resources and time, run eternal.

I'm going to trust FDev have it covered in the main. Yes, recent updates and patches aside!
Truth is, obviously, I dunno.
I gotta decided what I want to believe and I'm going with FDev here.
Why wouldn't I ?

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