Patch Notes September Update - Patch 3

Wierd. Mine has never stopped working.
It seems to be only affecting every 2nd NPC crew character or so, but my favourite crew guy went completely silent after the April patch except for several lines of dialog ("don't shoot me" and "ship damaged" or "destroyed"), the comms text is also missing for the missing dialog. Everything was working before the patch.

Frontier have marked it as a confirmed fault back in April too, but are still yet to getting around to fix it.
@frontier Developments -- Thank you for the progress you have made deal with these bugs. Especially the network ones. I would respectfully request that ALL bugs be satisfactorily resolved FIRST for this Septemeber 2019 Update, before even entertaining the thought of releasing the December 2019 Update. Also beta-test the December 2019 for a couple of months with some brave volunteers before releasing it. If this becomes the February 2020 update, so be it. The ability to modify the network settings is a step in the right direction. I simply cannot get the Elite Dangerous executable to connect to Frontier servers in its current state.
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I'm almost hoping something serious does get broken this time round too, since a further patch to fix that is probably the only way the engineering progress news they broke in 3.5.2 gets fixed before December. ;) The more things that mean they have to do just one more round of fixes, the more other stuff gets brought in with it...
That's a dangerous gamble:)
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