ANNOUNCEMENT September Update out now!

Lol I'm dumb. Doens't make a difference though - one month should still be enough to patch something THIS BAD. For F sake, just reverting thing to "pre-patch" and testing it more until it kinda works would be better.
PS4 here. Nothing works - disconnects on every supercruise / jump. I'm litterally stuck and can't play.
Are you in a iClipper, with the new shipkit attached?
Although that bug was meant to be patched, might be worth removing all customisations from the Main Menu, and see if that makes a difference? Also try in Solo, check PSN network connections, disable VPN if using one?
Well, I did managed to leave supercruise, but now I can't even connect to server - "taupe cobra" all the way :(

I don't have any customization, I'm in stock Python.
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