ANNOUNCEMENT September Update out now!

Will Flanagan

Product Manager

Greetings Commanders,

The September Update is live now! Read the Patch Notes here.

In the September Update comes the following:

New Starter Experience

We've introduced a new starting experience meaning that it's easier to pick up Elite Dangerous than ever before!

Under the tutelage of Pilots Federation instructor, Theo Arcosta, new Commanders will be led through a fully-voiced experience before being left to pilot their own starter ship, the Sidewinder! Throughout the experience, Commanders will learn the basics of space flight, scanning and combat as listed below:
  • Basic flight controls and scanning.
  • Supercruise and navigation.
  • A combat exercise around a megaship.
  • Completing one's first Hyperspace jump.
  • Docking at a starport.
  • All of the training will include voiceover across all of our supported languages.
This new starter experience will also be added to the existing list of training simulations, found on the internal panel of the Commander's cockpit, meaning even the most veteran of pilot can still experience it.

New Livery System
  • Revamped the livery UI for applying cosmetic items and Game Extras to your ships.
  • Commanders will be able to access their ship livery from the main menu, so even if their ship is not docked at a starport, they will be able to change up the ship's appearance on the fly!
  • The new store will allow for even more detailed previews of available customisation options across all ships, as well as giving Commanders the choice of purchasing individual items, as opposed to being limited to bundles of customisation options.
  • Please note: some Game Extras (on all platforms) and ARX (on PC) may not yet be available for purchase in the Store, affected items will be rolling out in the coming days.
New Virtual Currency: ARX
  • ARX can be purchased, as well as earned by simply playing the game, to acquire Game Extras such as Paint Jobs, Ship Kits, Bobbleheads and more!
  • Commanders can earn a total of 400 ARX per week, which get added to their account there and then. These can be saved for later or spent right away!
  • You will no longer be able to purchase Game Extras using current payment methods and instead will require ARX, available in a number of packs (listed here.)
  • You can view the ARX FAQ here.
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