I've seen this suggestion come up several times now, but since it is really bugging me, I'd like to chime in.

In VR (HTC Vive) I am getting really bad reflection on the bottom portion of the Fresnel lenses. This is being caused by the chair and flight control lighting beaming up from underneath.. mostly light blue and yellow color. I would really like a way to be able to dim or toggle those lights (I know you can dim the HUD, which is not what I'm talking about.) I would really love to see the option to turn off all cabin lights, but more specifically the seat controls.

This is my largest gripe with VR implementation by far, and it's impacting my immersion. I've resorted to looking slightly upward in the display to offset the glare, but it's still fairly noticeable. I have also tried playing with the Vive in "Night Mode" which dims the screen significantly. While this does help somewhat (the lights are still glaring, just not as bright) it also washes out the rest of the image and skybox.

Can we please get more control over the interior lighting? Or at the very least, and option to turn it off completely?
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