Say Hi to Ghostley the friendly Ghost :)

Ain't he cute? ---> Find Ghostley here! (Blueprint)

And he's a friendly addition to any Ghost Buster's den, he will not cause any troubles i'm sure!
As far as i know, he doesn't bite, either. And he ain't slimey! So he can safely be attached to any indoor environment without causing a stir!

Why do I thing about a yellow ball, when I look on your Neon Sign? Stunning work with all the realisic details.


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Nice work, ArtiX! I like the designs and the amount of details that you've put into Ghostley. Well done 👍😃
Thanks! Took me almost a week to make, I'm glad you like it! :)

My output will significantly slow down in the next weeks, though. This week i had court dates (and won one of the cases yesterday)
and now i got to concentrate on the last lawsuit that's still due, until i can finally get back to full speed with my arts.
Also, not feeling productive in terms of 3D, so i currently am ore into working on my tunes.
(Just a heads up in case anyone wonders, why i'm not making content)

Here's a pic from today, gonna share it with you! :D Source:
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