Sacra Oculus Now Recruiting

Following an Agreement with our friends Stars of Duval, the Luch system transferred to the control of Sacra Oculus. The system is now the focus of a multiple expansion project to spread the Sacred Text of the Creator to peoples of many star systems in a planned and controlled manner. Luch is an interesting system with a circular planet base and a Penal Colony planet base both controlled by Sacra Oculus along with two orbiting outposts. A spokesman for Sacra Oculus denied that the Penal Colony was a harsh environment and was in fact a reeducation facility administered by the galaxy renowned Nuns of Sacra Oculus, known for their compassion and personal service. Unconfirmed reports that these in fact were the feared Lap Dancing Nuns of Daniel's Folly, Synuefe BT-F d12-54 could not be corroborated at this time. In separate news, confirmation was received of a planned transition of ownership from Sacra Oculus to First Steps Academy in the Deorii system of the Melia Works planet base.
A military coup in the Duulngari system led to the overthrow of the local "President for Life" and the first genuine election in decades. In the name of the Creator it is announced that Sacra Oculus were triumphant at the polls and the Duulngari system enjoys freedom not witnessed in many years.
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May the Creator be Justified, for the Maturina system has welcomed a Holy Mission from Sacra Oculus. The system now has three player minor factions present who are all friendly to each other, just as the Creator would wish.
May the Creator be Bathed In Glory. For this Most Auspicious Day heralds the arrival of the Faithful in the Hardalsumi system having expanded from a stronghold of the Faith in Chuang, proving to all doubters of the Faith how worshipful the Creator truly is.
This is the new Sacra Oculus totals for stuff under our control since Odyssey and does not include things given to other minor factions.
37x Refinery
372x Extraction
187x Agricultural
179x Industry
74x High Tech
46x Military
24x Colony
28x Tourism
10x Terraforming
The introduction of Odyssey has caused great consternation among the Faithful as the mechanics for war have now changed. Combined with the massive influx of new responsibilities brought about by the vast number of settlements in Sacra Oculus space and combined with the fact that Sacra Oculus has successfully addressed a number of wars and elections and has more starting, this is an exciting period for our Faith but also a testing time, similar to what was written in the Sacred Text about The Great Challenges that the Creator once faced. So an appeal is going out to Independent Commanders looking to embrace Theology as we had 957 new settlements and now have 960 new settlements and more about to become adherents of the Faithful. In addition, Sacra Oculus continues to expand bringing the words of the Sacred Text to more and more people. This vast and Most Holy part of space is home now to many believers and also others who benefit from our Munificence. We do not turn away visitors and many are Guests of Sacra Oculus. Many also choose to follow the teachings of the Sacred Text and become Priests of our Order. Sacra Oculus space is a very beneficial area for Commanders and a great place with us to learn the ever evolving intricacies of the Background Simulation. Our Priests have helped countless player groups with either their own Player Minor Faction, or an Adopted Minor Faction, from many nationalities. We are all equal in the eyes of the Creator and we embrace helping others in their hour of need. This ever constant demand on our services and the vast area of space we control, means that ever more Independent Commanders are needed to ensure peace and stability not only within our borders but outside them as well.
From the humble yet economically viable system of Aeducini, a brave expedition set forth to spread the Sacred Text to the people of the Olelatha star system. This small mining enclave which is ruled over with an iron fist by the Nationalists of Olelatha, now pay host to the Faithful. Given that the system presently does not have any player minor faction or adopted minor faction active there, then in accordance with established custom throughout the region, Sacra Oculus claims this system.
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