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Hi guys, new to the forums so still finding my way round.
Got a question about route planning and any external site/app availability.

Basically the problem I have is that I use my oculus setup to play ED with an xbox controller, because of the layout of my room and space for computer/wires etc I can't sit directly in front of my computer and keyboard while playing. Which means that I can't type stuff into the game when trying to find systems or plan routes etc.
I know I could use an xbox chat pad but this is temperamental at best due to the need to have the controller plugged in all the time and microsoft's terrible usb cable design and build quality meaning it doesn't always work.

As such I would really really like a site/app on my phone where I can plan a route and then 'upload' it to my ship computer and then be off on my jolly way.

I know there is a link to live in game data e.g what is use on inara to update commander data etc.

Apologies if this has been covered else where but I've tried a bit of searching and can't think of how to reword/condense the query enough to make it searchable.
EDMC and EDDiscovery both have ways to upload a tripped planned via Spansh (?spelling) that will copy each way point to your clipboard so you can past in the Galaxy map search box. Other than that, there isn’t anything unfortunately.
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