RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition Out Now!

I hope websites pop up for RCT3 Custom downloads again.
The other day I tried the elevator and escalator pack on RCTgo,
but after doing all the steps, my game froze.
I cannot tell you how dissapointed I am in this new process of buying games on-line.

I've attempted to buy RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete edition without using Steam or Epic. It was while I was trying to find an alternative that I finally came across some idea as to why the purchase does not work on Steam. Apparently one needs to download and install the Steam Application in order to pay for and then download the game.

Here's the webpage where one can look up the various problems to be encountered with Steam purchases.

Presumably one won't be able to play their game without first launching the Steam Application and, presumably, one needs to be on-line for this. The only good thing about this is that while looking for a purchase alternative I was able to discover there are a great many individuals having problems with Steam purchases. Is it really that much of a problem for Steam to sort out their systems so as to make it easier for people to part with their money?

I finally found an alternative in Nintendo and thought I'd have the game paid for and the download begun within a few minutes. Or so I thought ...

The first thing one needs to to is to register for a Nintendo account. Fair enough.

After locating RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition and attempting to pay for it one receives a message that the game needs to be purchased through Nintendo's eShop.

eShopping is easy enough to find listed down the left of the screen. However, no matter what you do while inside the eShop any resulting navigation to another page takes you outside the eShop and, when attempting to pay for the game there in spite of the fact you started in Nintendo's eShop, one again gets the same message indicating that a return to eShopping is required.

It was either that or a message that the game was no longer available.

I cannot believe that it is so difficult these days to part with one's money. All the shopper wants to do is pay for a download and for the download to be possible after the payment is completed. This seems to be too much to ask these days in the gaming industry.

Oh, for the days I could just walk into a shop and buy a CD off the shelf!


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Hi @Raun All you would need to do to purchase it on Steam is to download Steam, create an account, go to the Store page for the game, purchase and download. I’m not sure how the other websites that you mentioned work but if you try the steps I mentioned it should work for you.


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Just to quickly add a couple of points to what Heather has said

You don't need to be online in order to play games through Steam. I've had a Steam account for 16 years and it's been digital purchases since it started. In fact it's almost impossible to get physical PC games any more outside of collectors editions.

If you're buying through Nintendo then I would recommend using the e-shop on the Switch itself, as you're going to have to download it on the console anyway so you may as well purchase it there and start the download straight away. The game being unavailable is sometimes a message that comes up if the game isn't available in your region, or possibly that the e-shop was down. I don't believe that you have the option to see games not in your region when using the console itself (but I may not be correct on that) Which region is your Nintendo account in?

I am not sure if Frontier have not made the game available in all regions, but it could be something you could add to support if you get to the stage of needing to raise a ticket.
Three of us were on and off several hours Friday evening figuring this one out. The breakthrough came when we managed to pay for and download a Global Steam Key from a website that wasn't GOG, Steam, Nintendo, or Epic. When we returned to Steam things went much more smoothly than they had done before due to the fact that the game didn't need to be paid for there.

Hi @Raun ... download Steam, ...
We know now this is necessary but many people aren't aware that in order to play games purchased at Steam downloading Steam is not an option - it is a requirement.

... You don't need to be online in order to play games through Steam. ...
The Steam console is required in order to play RCT3CE but, just as you say Ozric we didn't need to be on-line to play the game, although the information we found on the internet indicates this is necessary to play some of the other games available at Steam.


We could probably have saved ourselves some trouble if I'd checked this thread Friday afternoon but I had no idea there would be responses or that they'd come so soon. Thanks to you both, Heather and Ozric, for the support given in your posts. We've had a little experience with games bought on GOG but the Steam experience is less user friendly with the major obstacle being its assumption of pre-existing new user familiarity with the Steam presentation. After we downloaded the Steam Key and then returned to the Steam website everything else seemed to fall into place.

On both 32-bit and 64-bit machines the clarity and resolution in CE is amazing. Before Christmas we'll each have set up our own purchase of RCT3CE. What a lovely upgrade to get for this Golden Oldie Game in time for the holiday season!
I'm afraid the game developers didn't include this in the GUI. You'd need to use Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\RCT3\Coasters, and delete the coaster design from there. The next time you launch RCT3 it will be deleted from the game.
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