Discussion Road to Riches Route visually in EDSM?

Hi all, I hope I have posted this in the correct place (relating to EDSM) as this is only my second post. I have searched for what I am about to ask but without any luck. I did look in the 'routes' section of EDSM, but couldn't see anything there... Not even a popular search engine gave me any results.

I would really like to see the complete Roads to Riches galactic route, where if you started at the beginning and finished at the end, just to see how much of the traversable galaxy is covered by the suggested route.

It seems there are two routes (Alpha Orbital) and 'Spansh'? Seeing either would satisfy my curiosity.

Does anyone know if it is visually mapped in any way?

Thanks Commanders... anklemaxi
Road to Riches is less a single route and more a strategy for plotting courses between high value exploration systems. You can start anywhere. You can finish anywhere. The goal is simply to visit as many high value systems as you can along your route.
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