Discussion Retrospectively convert screenshots in EDDiscovery

I hope this is the right place to post this (apologies if not). I have several GB of high res screenshots from Elite Dangerous and they are taking up a bit of room. EDDiscovery allows conversion of screenshots, but only if the feature is turned on when you take the shot. I see someone has requested retrospectively converting screenshots before on the EDDiscovery Github. The reason given for not adding this feature right now was something along the lines of it being rather complicated, but I think it was moved to future project ideas(?). Adding this would really help a lot of commanders out though. Also, I noticed the information for system, body and filename with full path is stored with the screenshot event, so that should make it a lot easier. Is there any possibility of this feature being added or is there another tool available which will do the job i.e. Scan logs and convert screenshots to smaller file format with system, body and time information?
Thanks for the project, it will come in handy. I also found the EDMC-Screenshot project regarding screenshots on GitHub. But it converts to PNG, which does not seem to me to be a very suitable format for saving screenshots. JPG is more space saving. So far, I've taken screenshots with the F12 key (launching ED via the Steam launcher). However, 'Screenshot' events are not stored in my journal. How to take screenshots so that image information is recorded in a journal?
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