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trying to log into the game after the latest update and it tells me my client is too old....ummm i just installed the patch provided today?
If you are using steam

Go in steam
left click on elite dangerous
click on update
select High priority
close and restart Steam.
I have heard that FDEV applies a threshold based on how many contributors can reproduce issues posted in the tracker, in the 10-15 person range. Without more aggressive moderation to combine related issues, this means most people's issues silently pass from confirming to closed despite other people having reported the same issue separately. This undermines people's willingness to use the issue tracker.

E.g., issues with the Odyssey pre-order Pioneer suit cosmetic. I'm finding lots of individual reports, phrased a bit differently but all having the same of two problems: they don't see Pioneer as an option at all, and the Pioneer pieces don't show in the selection UI after being selected.

FDEV, you need to come up with a way (manual or otherwise) to more actively link and combine related issues in a much more timely fashion so it's apparent how many people are actually experiencing the same problem so those issues get properly prioritized and fixed.
I think I can see where you're going with oufitting. The galaxy map is close I think, though surface Starports are getting lost among the 400,000 (see, I read the patch notes!) new bases. Shipyard is the most unfinished for me, I did like the old orange outlines, they looked more techy and futuristic but mostly .. my fitted modules are WAY more interesting / important than my current paintjob.

I've noticed an issue in Odyssey with multiplayer. Despite my friends and I being in the same station, it's kind of a crapshoot whether or not we'll see each other in the concourse. At one point we all entered around the same time and the doors for the elevators they took opened, but they never appeared.

On that same note, we've also noticed that while teamed up and returning to hangars, sometimes it lets us see eachother's hangar as an option, and sometimes it doesn't.
Whenever I try to submit an issue, I get "issue could not be loaded".
How can I submit an issue with the issue tracker? :D
The icons on the in-cockpit view in VR of the planet/station/system on the left and the ship/shield/damage icon on the right are out of perspective for the left and right eyes.
Probably it's not the correct place to ask this, anyone else have this weird issue where de console GUI has appear on top of the PC one (I mean, I only see the console one and I don't see the PC one).
I am a little bit stressed out because is asking me to do things that have no sense if you play with a mouse and keyboard or even joystick. I need some help with this I'm dyslexic and finding that things that before where intuitive now are not, also the game is not giving me any feedback on which are the stats of ships when I change ships or buy them and also the ship change menu is like hidden or something, I am getting another issue on the outfitting menu, apart again from being hidden, when I try to reconfigure some ship all the module that is possible to be there appear on the top of the menu making the menu again unintuitive. If someone has some idea on how to solve this issues I really will appreciate it.
Still can't play game. Can't play horizons either. Steam launcher says it requires an update and opening the launcher without steam says it requires me to buy the game. Bought base game from steam and Odyssey pre-ordered from fdev store to support them. Spent a few hours reinstalling/downloading but nothing I've tried works. Feels bad.
I am amazed that you are asking your user base to do basic testing and bug tracking for you. FDev should be ashamed to present this as a helpful and fun thing for the community to do.
This is basically a public funded beta test. I cannot outfit a ship and keep getting disconnected or sent back to main menu.
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