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Maybe someone that already has every ship and module in the game can report a credit exploit! Get that money maker patched right up, you know the one, the one that you used and now don't want anyone else to have access to! You know who you are, the Elite snobs, hypocrites that think every exploit they have used should be fixed as soon as they are done milking it!
The bug reporter is a bit of a joke. Unbelievable ... unless you want to bury the issues in soft peat ....

is anybody else experencing this today (since the latest patch)?

enter the commodities market
look at any ui panel from the market .... the keys to navigate the panels are not functioning.
look back at the market all is fine.
exit the market and use the panels ... all is fine ...

only when looking at a panel from the market screen does there seem to be an issue.
I have this too but I couldn't remember if it was like this before the patch. Looks like it's a new thing...
Already reported. Add your confirmations to:
Already reported. Add your confirmations to:
I added my 2 cents to the report.

Here I want to add why this is a major problem:

I can't remote check system status and look up markets in the galaxy map while having the commodity market open. I have to exit the market to do that. I like to use what little information I have in-game ifpossible instead of relying on third party web sites to get trading info, even if the later is mostly accurate.
Thank you for all your support so far and for helping raise awareness of the issues that are affecting your gameplay!

I'm happy to help making this game even better.
I see there are a lot of issues in the issue tracker just "expiring". A lot of these issues involve not finding the mission target in the mission indicated system (can be pirates, pirate factions, megaships, ...).
Can you please make a statement on this? Otherwise Commanders keep adding issues that are not marked as duplicated , not marked as invalid, but just "expiring".
Is this because of finetuning the game db's or something? It would be nice to know we can sometimes have this and have to live with it. We can just abort the mission and go on with the other missions then.
Recently I found by chance at least 3 different duplicates about a minor bug (the transfer button for cargo to carrier sticks under certain conditions). To find them, you would have to read them all and of course understand them. Should we clean up the issue tracker ourselves? Some clown seemed to have put the Issue Tracker through its paces, or whether it could handle literal duplicates (every single word seemed to be equal): which had resulted in a rather conspicuous, longer series of duplicates that either looked like a stress test or simply came from someone who wanted to troll around. Which makes me doubt that the issue tracker can even handle such obvious attacks (or whatever they were).

Where we at it: I know at least about one other game producer (Larian) who meanwhile uses AI to browse through all logical content of their game, which seems to be able to catch most bugs in an inhumanly speed, except graphical glitches of course. Did you ever consider to create such an automated bug finder for ED? And don't tell me, the logical part of the content is much more complex in ED than in BG3, or you made me roll down the stairs laughing. Or do you prefer to stick to the Infinite-Monkey-Theorem, when it comes to bug testing?
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Bug reporting site is a JOKE!

lots of people having connection issues this 'morning'.

A fair few reports, obviously a server comms issue somewhere internally.

People put reports on, we just get generic, 'invalid' markers and told to goto a 'local network connection' article..

After this wonderful extended downtime, none of my pc squadron members or myself has the squadrons chat available and not an option to turn on or off in the settings
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