Replacing Aquatic Pack Animals

@ElectricMonk I have to agree. A walrus,sea lion, another otter subspecies especially the North American River Otter for me personally would be great animals to have in game. I suppose there’s still a possibility we could get at least one. But I can’t say I’d replace any of the four we got even the giant otter is a unique amazing animal in its own right. To me a good comparison is the Arctic pack with the dall sheep. I assumed we’d get the musk ox and although I’m still hopeful we get them I love the dall sheep. A first for any zoo game to my knowledge and the pick was pure genius. Now of course the questionable choice was the Arctic wolf but since having it for over a yr now I’m okay with it. After all I really do think we’ll possibly see a fennec fox or maybe a red fox at some point.
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