Abandoned [RELEASE] EVA - Elite Virtual Assistant for iPhone/iPad (NO LONGER WORKING Jan 2020))

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Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the full release of EVA, the Elite Virtual Assistant for iPhone/iPad and Android!

Available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

EDIT: Sadly, this is NOT compatible with XBox versions because of account limitations at Frontier. Only PC/Mac accounts can be accessed.

Main Features

  • Sync log and notes with EDSM
  • Sync trade data with EDDN
  • Realtime updates from EDDN
  • Use EDProxy
  • Speech synthesis of significant events, including your own notes on systems
  • List current ranks, allegiances and scores
  • See Galnet articles
  • See full ship loadout and cargo
  • Take notes on systems (and sync with EDSM)
  • Request cross-reference distances and send to EDSM
  • Bookmark systems, stations within systems or commodities within a station
  • Bookmark entire trade routes
  • View system visit history (and sync with EDSM)
  • Commodity search by station, or within a radius of any station
  • Trade search for finding the best n-stop trade routes
  • Trade search for finding the best single-hop trade from any given station

PDF Manual: http://www.fsmissioneditor.com/downloads/EVAQuickstartManual.pdf
FAQ: https://www.lightroom-plugins.com/support/index.php?/EVA/Knowledgebase/List/Index/35/eva-elitedangerous-virtual-assistant

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Apple's managed the fastest turnaround I've ever seen... bug fix release is now online at the App Store for the iOS 8 crashes and a couple of other minor things.

Android version is possible, yes. Depends on the response to the iOS version :)

Seeing as there are loads of Androids devices out there it would give you a massive boost to possible sales depending on how hard it is to port between the two platforms. I know ObjC isnt that forgiving having coded a few titles in it myself and Android is built on Java but if you use one of those release cross platform packages it does reduce the headache somewhat.
Just downloaded the latest EVA version to my iPad. I installed the start database; then it asked me to login. I entered the same username and password that I use to login in to these forums but it says it is invalid. Not sure what I did wrong???

Just downloaded the latest EVA version to my iPad. I installed the start database; then it asked me to login. I entered the same username and password that I use to login in to these forums but it says it is invalid. Not sure what I did wrong???

Log in using the one that you use for ED, not the forum ones. Forum usually uses name/password. ED itself is email/password. THis is needed for the data that EVA displays.
Despite not being able to link Xbox accounts to it, sell this app to me. What benefit would Xbox players still get from it? Is it pretty much all the stuff Inara and EDDB already do?

I mean, it sucks that us Xbox folks get to miss out on yet another thing because this app looks really good. But that's beyond your control.
I'll give this a go on my ipad/iphone, Also, if I like it, I'd consider paying for an Android version as well.


Android isn't being ignored at all, and your comments are all being noted! I'd love to port to Android, it's just finding the time. I'll post something here when there's something to post, but it's not likely to be next week :)

XBox support - yeah, I'm really sorry about that, I'd just assumed that a Frontier account was the same across the board but it seems not. *If* Frontier's "Companion App" API was accessible for XBox accounts, the entire app would work identically to the PC/Mac version, except that there would be a bit of lag when you jump between systems really quickly. EDProxy fixes that nicely, but of course you can't run EDProxy on an XBox.

BTW - one or two more features in the pipeline, and I'm working on fixing the networking crashes I know some people are getting. I *think* it's fixed, just not 100% sure.

Hello, just wondered would it be possible for you to maybe make it link able with Xbox? If not maybe give linted access to the app without a log in? EG trading routes, weapon stats so on? Since you have to pay for the app anyway I don't see why we couldn't have some information just because we can't track our data while it's not compatible with Xbox yet? You know. It'd be awesome thanks
Hi Tex1337,

Uh... do you know, that just genuinely didn't occur to me? I just assumed that people would want it linked to the game.

Without getting the current data from Frontier, you'd lose the nav log, ship and CMDR data. You'd still be able to download nav log data from EDSM (although I don't know how it would get there in the first place), and use the trade search tools and bookmarking.

There's a new build due out in the next hour or so, it's just gone into Review status at Apple, but I'll see if I can include these changes in the next build. I don't think it'd be a massive bit of work.

Hi Jim, I can't log in anymore with latest version on my iPad Pro. 105215
Could you tell me the exact error message please? There's a few different possible causes. If you're using different CMDR accounts with the newest one, the passwords will be remembered per-account, and filled in when you leave the email box; does that help?

No error message, the login button does not activate, I also erased my login details and re-entered, no change.
i have deleted app and reinstalled, no difference. I only have one account. I can log into game ok.
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